Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who am I?

Controlled substances laws and their consequences have been the center of my professional life for over fifteen years. I host a public interest television program in Houston, “Drugs, Crime, and Politics”[1], produced by the Drug Policy forum of Texas, and have done so for most of its ten-year history. Before my retirement, I taught a seminar, “Controlled Substances Law” for many years at South Texas College of Law.
In this blog I intend to explore the features and consequences of those laws, especially the unintended consequences, and look at the need for, and possibility of, changing them. Don’t expect a lot of breaking news or current events, although there will be some. My approach will be more historical and theoretical. I hope to get a lot of criticism – good, bad, and otherwise – and to start some good, heated discussions. Please point out my flaws and help fill the enormous gaps in my knowledge and understanding. You might also let me know if I make an occasional extra-base hit.
Who am I? I grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and was educated at M.I.T., Texas Tech University --B.A. in philosophy, J.D. (honors) -- and Harvard Law School (LL.M.). I practiced law in Lubbock, having been licensed in Texas and Louisiana and the federal courts. After practice, I taught at Loyola Law School in New Orleans for four years, then at South Texas College of Law for over twenty before retiring. My teaching areas other than Controlled Substances that have some relevance include legal history, first amendment law, administrative law, law and technology, and law and sex.
Before law school I worked as a letter carrier, analytic chemist, and as a semi-pro actor. I’m a damn fine photographer and a decent cook.
Come along for the ride. I may not be as hallucinogenic as LSD, but I think we’ll see some interesting sights.
[1] Many of our recent programs are available on YouTube and links to them may be found at www.dpft.org .

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