Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Green Christmas

Green Christmas


Here’s wishing you a green Christmas.

May all the greens in your house be strong and dank.

May you vacation this next year in Colorado or Washington – or both.

May your own state be as sensible as they are in 2014.

May your regular family doctor prescribe the medicine you actually need…

and may you purchase it safely from a licensed pharmacist.

May you never be stopped and frisked by a street cop,

Or undergo a “routine stop” by a traffic patrolman.

May the Greatful Dead carol on your lawn.

May you find a hand-blown bong in your stocking.

May all your holiday cookies contain the magical ingredient.

May the smoke from your pipe encircle your head like a wreath.

May Sativa Claus grant all your wishes.

Merry Green Christmas to all and a happy legal new year!

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