Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


The dawn of a new year has long been surrounded by customs.  One I grew up with is eating black-eyed peas to insure good luck in the coming year.  One widespread custom is to make (and quickly break) resolutions to improve one’s life in the coming year.  In place of the usual, boring resolutions to diet and lose weight, to exercise more, and to climb Mt. Everest, I would like to suggest some alternatives that, if enough of us could meet them even partway, would improve our world.

1.    Vacation in Colorado or Washington this year.

2.    Write or email at least three of your elected representatives about drug law reform this year (local, state or federal).

3.    Send a Letter to the Editor of your local paper – even if it’s not published at least one editor will be educated by reading it.

4.    ‘Fess up! The world needs to know that engineers and lawyers and insurance salesmen smoke pot – not just stoners and gangbangers (you may have to wait until you retire or even die – like Prof. X before you do this one).

5.    Talk about drug tests, locker searches, and drug dogs prowling the hallways at a PTA or school board meeting.


7.    OK, you can include this one too: climb Everest.

If just a few of us keep some of these resolutions, 2014 can be a great year.

(Feel free to add your own resolutions to the list as a comment.)

May everyone have a happy, prosperous, and green New Year!


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